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10 narrow dining tables for a small dining room

small dining area - mirror to make it look bigger - i also like the idea of facing chairs towards wall to separate the space NOTE: use mirror to open the space up

Mid Century Modern Living Room

Roundup: 5 Amazing Mid-Century Living Room Ideas

So, you're stuck with a small living room. We understand the problems of having a small living room. You want that stunning sofa, but it doesn't quite fit in your room, or you were thi

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14 Ways To Make a Small Living Room Bigger

Learn how to make a small living room look bigger [with mirrors, lucite furniture, neutral colors] and by adjusting your furniture layout.

different colored couch, comfy recliner instead, funky tables but this is the layout i want

Switch Up Your Dining Room Seating By Adding A Padded Leather Bench To Your Dining Room Table

Interesting setup; might work in my apartment. Float the couch, tv on side of room, make space for dining table?

Sofa vs Couch : The Difference Between A Sofa And A Couch

love the storage around the couch. Great for a reading light, pictures and a place to set your drink!

Storage Solutions for Small Spaces : Apartment Living I've always loved the idea of wrapping the couch in bookcases to create storage and a sleeker anchor point for the rest of the room.

Living room ideas: Small living room ideas for your living room decor | www.livingroomideas.eu

Warning! These Are the Best Small Living Room Ideas of the Year

how to make a small living room look bigger on domino.com

14 Ways To Make a Small Living Room Bigger