Below you will find a compilation of awesome 'Stranger Things' fan art pieces…

21 Awesome Fan Art Pieces for Netflix's Stranger Things

Multi-color ballpoint sketchbook drawings from 2016. Click through to see more.

A 2016 Success - An Injection of Color

Multi-color ballpoint sketchbook drawings from Click through to see more. Ballpoint pen but could easily be colored pencil as well.

Harry Potter by Picolo-kun

"Harry Potter" by Picolo-kun The painterly style of the characters and the added backsplash complement the moleskin journal concept well. The design is also very reminiscent of Harry Potter--certainly fan art done well,

elly smallwood : Photo

Nothing is better than filling your sketchbook with eyes, ears, noses & mouths to really practice drawing human features. This is by elly smallwood : Photo

whale drawing by kerby rosanes

Artists Who Use Their Sketchbook as Handheld Galleries

Julio de humo | redlipstickresurrected: courtneywirthit: i...

redlipstickresurrected: “courtneywirthit: “ i started and then started doing other stuff instead.