My son looks like the actor who plays Edmond(Chronicles of Narnia)

Skandar Keynes (Chronicles of Narnia) voices Sir Allan Kerr. 😍😍😍😘My love

I find it really sad that Skander is actually his character in the first Narnia, he's actually an atheist, it seems like he learned nothing from Edmund!

I apologize for my sudden obsession and pins in a row of Skandar Keynes. He's quite beautiful and I saw a guy who looked JUST like him at dinner tonight

MARRY ME SKANDAR KEYNES! :) that doesn't sound creeperish at all ;)

Skandar Keynes - Fan club album

Skandar Keynes--the name was not familiar, but I took one look at him and I'm like 'Edmund Pevensie' BAM, actor recognition right there :D

Skandar Keynes as Percy Jackson ( I picture him the whole time as Percy and he even knows how to handle a sword from portraying Edmund Pevensie in Narnia, just needs green contacts )

RT Interview: Skandar Keynes on the Action Challenge of Prince Caspian