white silkie chicken. I want for the garden!

A person I used to know called white silkie bantams "fancy chickens" this made me laugh

silkie chickens, silkies, silkie chickens as pets

Keeping Silkie Chickens as Pets is a rewarding experience, as reported by many long-time chicken owners.

Silkie Chickens... love the funky feathering. But not good layers... so more of a fun chicken.

Chinese Silk Chickens - I want these just to laugh at when I'm having a crappy day

Breed Spotlight: The Silkie Chicken. These extraordinary creatures are a wonderful addition to any backyard flock, and they have some surprising characteristics!

Breed Profile: Silkie Chicken

The silkie chicken is perhaps the most strange and enchanting of all the poultry breeds.

chicken training: walk on leash

How to train a chicken to walk on a harness & leash

Chicken Decor Chicken Art Silkie Chicken by TheChickenStudio

Chicken Decor Chicken Art Silkie Chicken Silkie hen Original Art Shabby Chic Wall Hanging gift USD) by TheChickenStudio