Satin stitch is a gorgeous embroidery stitch and worth taking the time to learn! Here are 10 tips to help you embroider a sensational satin stitch - Click through for details!

10 Tips for a Sensational Satin Stitch

step by step how to work outline satin stitch 5

Step by step tutorial on how to work Outlined or Raised Satin stitch. This version of Satin stitch will clearly define the edge of a hand embroidered shape.

Outline stitches and how they are used to define and enhance satin stitch and long & short stitch.

Defining petals with split stitch outline.f lo Great Tutorial! Looking for Color Combinations and stitch placement Ideas.

Padding your Satin Stitch. This means laying down a 1st layer then do a Satin Stitch as a second layer. It does look better!  jwt

Padded Satin Stitch & Saving Silk

padded satin stitch and saving expensive thread for the top (for black cats on shirt, pad with black cotton and then top w gold?

Pumora's embroidery stitch lexicon: satin stitch tutorial

satin stitch

Learn how to embroider with the lexicon of embroidery stitches. Step by step tutorials on how to do the satin stitch and it's variations.

Embroidery Fundamentals: How to Do Satin Stitch - Tuts+ Crafts & DIY Tutorial Four leaf clover

Embroidery Fundamentals: How to Do Satin Stitch - Tuts+ Crafts & DIY Tutorial.Turn 4 hearts into a clover!