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"Me" is all I know how to be, it's all I care to be, and that's going to have to be enough.

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Overflowing with passion kind of love

Overflowing with passion kind of LOVE for you. I will always be a fighter and protector of your heart and your words and actions will always walk harmoniously.

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K. I do sometimes put my thoughts in the description. Lets see if you pay attention as much as I do. Tired of being made to look a fool.

Life is a fight and sometimes is not a fight for any material or exterior matters but for the basics like love, respect and security.

Rob Hill Sr -- My job is to keep going forward. It's NOT to make sure everybody approves of the journey.

CES please.  I'm here to stay through thick and thin.  I love you no matter what!!!

"Don't be afraid of getting hurt, be afraid of letting fear control you so much that you never really give yourself a chance to genuinely be happy.