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Whether you fancy something vibrant to jazz up your living space or are just obsessed with floating shapes and colour, there's something in our Patterns wallpaper mural range to suit everyone.

Free download: 25 free retro patterns. Featuring a 50s style retro color palette, the shapes cover a range of styles from 60s op-art to 70s pill shapes and even contemporary illustrative patterns.

Free download: 25 free retro patterns

Patterns have graced our designs for thousands of years. The texture, color and life added by patterns have enhanced design the world over. The love of pattern

Kimberley Retro Blooms Mustard Gold | Assorted Japanese Fabrics | Fabrics to Inspire - Kelani Fabric  two way

Kimberley Retro Blooms Mustard Gold A beautiful contemporary bloom design printed on a medium weight linen blend.

ShweShwe fabric. sort of retro. sketchy. pattern.

Retro Flash In Yellow And Brown - Original South African ShweShwe designer fabric