Alesya Nesolënova

Felix Inclusis — lesstalkmoreillustration: Alesya Nesolenova Red is offset but I still love it perhaps even more for the imperfection!

Italian town linocut by Di Oliver. Tags: Linocut, Cut, Print, Linoleum, Lino, Carving, Block, Woodcut, Helen Elstone, Buildings, Town, Europe, Italy.

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Italian town linocut by Di Oliver - the white space around linocuts really makes them a lot of the time

Bee: Original  BlockPrint by Andrea Lauren via Andrea Lauren. Click on the image to see more!

Andrea Lauren: Finished carving and printing this new two-color honeybee block print yesterday. Many thanks for your many recent orders in my shop; this one has just been posted too, if you are interested!

Invisible by Sonia Romero                                                                                                                                                     More

Invisible by Sonia Romero More combine your print with at least one print of someone else's in class!

I like the monochromatic design that this board has. It makes it so from far away it blends together, but when you look at the board up close you see the detail.

A classic black and white skateboard illustration that would give a punk skater and even punker feel. Skulls and skeletons are definitely popular among teenagers, which is the demographic that skateboards the most.

Different techniques of printmaking. Wish I had a poster of this to hang in my classroom. It describes the techniques and materials really well.

Imma gonna put this in the poster maker to hang on the wall. different types of printmaking

Digication e-Portfolio :: Nancy Brandley's PHS Teaching Portfolio :: Relief Prints

Possibility for sgraffito portraiture on clay surface? Digication e-Portfolio :: Nancy Brandley's PHS Teaching Portfolio :: Relief Prints

This artwork was printed from 3 separate woodblocks. Each individual color layer was hand drawn and carved into birch plywood. The blocks were then inked up and printed layer by layer on an etching pr

Specs - Handmade - Extremely limited edition of only 3 prints - Signed and numbered by the artist - Materials: cream Rives BFK paper, plywood, ink, printing press - x Process This print was cr