Logarithmic Equations and Inequalities Study Guide

Ever wonder how you could get your son or daughter to be more interested in math? Math is hard work, but with some fun maths games, you can capture their

For this activity students could be given an example polynomial and have to fill out the table and determine the end behaviour before attempting to sketch the graph. Then an online tool could be used to find the actual graph to compare to their own.

A big thanks to Amy over at Square Root of Negative One Teach Math for helping me come up with an easy way for students to remember logarit.

Calculus Survival Kit - over 85 pages references for Calculus and PreCalc

Updated fir this year. This is a must-have for AP Calculus teachers or any Calculus teacher, high school, dual enrollment, or college. Great for PreCalculus Teachers also.

An Open Letter to Students Wondering, “Why Do We Use Radians Instead of Degrees?” Dear Student, Let me start with a question of my own. Did you know that you speak Babylonian?

Synthetic Division in Algebra 2

Today I made a cheat sheet to give to our students tomorrow as we get ready for learning Synthetic Division in Algebra

Composition of Functions "game". Scroll down to the bottom. Cards with three functions on them. Teacher calls out f + g + h(x) or f(g(h(x)))

Vectors Task Cards Quiz HW and Graphic Organizer

Great End of Unit Practice on Vectors for PreCalculus.

Piecewise Functions Cut-Out Puzzle

My algebra 2 students loved this piecewise functions activity! It was perfect after their foldable notes in their interactive notebooks.