This is my last piece of my "Power Rangers" Series with "Acme Archives" so along with the amazing red and green rangers of Dave Rapoza y.

Infographic: Power Rangers Through the Years

Power Rangers Infographic Suits/Uniforms/Costumes changes through the years - so much sexism hidden in there.

Mighty Morphin' Pink Ranger

Hey guys, I had the awesome opportunity to do the official "Blue Power Ranger" for  "Acme Archives Ltd." Its debut was at San Diego Comic-Con last week and now they have a limited Edition.

Meet the Power Rangers [Infographic]

The Power Rangers are back! The Power Rangers take the big screen for a major motion picture for the first time since 1997 in Saban’s Power Rangers.

this is the NEW piece of my Official ‪"PowerRangers‬" collection! You will be able to get it at ‪San Diego Comic-Con this week on Acme's Booth Along with the rest of my collection. ©Yellow Ranger Under

joequinones: “Hey gang, Here’s a look at a cover I did for issue 2 of Boom’s new Mighty Morphin Power Rangers comic. The Rangers chill on a Megazord statue.

Movie style white ranger

Movie style white ranger please Lionsgate make a sequel to Power Rangers 2017 and introduce the White Ranger Tommy.