pincushion free sewing pattern

Stitch Craft Create shares a free pattern for making these sweet scrappy pincushions. The project is an excerpt from the book Retro Mama Scrap Happy Sewing by Kim Kruzich.

Hexie Pincushion / A Tutorial (via )

Hexie Pincushion / A Tutorial (Modern Handcraft)

I'd probably make a pillow instead of a pincushion. Modern Handcraft // Hexie Pincushion : A Tutorial

Patchwork Pincushion Tutorial | blogged:Patchwork Pincushion… | Flickr

Patchwork Pincushion Tutorial by Regina (creative kismet). Easier if you remember that the radius of a circle can be used to make six equal ticks around the rim, and when connected to the center, they make an exact wedge of the circle.

Simple cross-stitched pincushion tutorial @ CookOnStrike

Free Tutorial: Simple Cross Stitched Pillow Pincushion With Tassels