At some point I have GOT to do a photo shoot with black light!!

Photography by Geoffrey Jones

I love this black light photo and how it showcases all the glow paint. I think that it is amazing how different types of light create different things.

Cute idea with UK hat and blue drink?                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Jordyn Jones Sweet Sixteen Bonnie Nichoalds Photoshoot Styled by Christina Calautti Hair and Makeup by Christina Turino iphone photo, no edit, totally rawwww ?

Focus Hair, Background Bridal

Memories will begin flooding back. Be mindful in storing those images as it’s impossible to collect those stunning memories again. You’ll have produced a group of memories and happy mom…

Usually my blogs take about an hour to compose...resizing images, arranging the collages, resizing those, uploading the photos, putting them in the right order...yikes! Well today, i took me a total of 8 minutes thanks to blogstomp. SO THANKFUL!

I love the travel/adventure/moving theme. Suitcases, maps and globes are fun props, and I especially like when the subject is dressed up in contrast to the background.