2 Purple Peafowl Peacock Hatching Eggs RARE COLOR!!!

2 Purple Peafowl Peacock Hatching Eggs RARE COLOR

Purple Peafowl <<< I've never seen a peacock that looked like this before! I hope this isn't a photo shop shot cause I love the colors.

India-Blue Peacock [ Pavo cristatus ]

The Proud Peackcock: Eight Fun Facts on the Indian Peacock

Bewitching India-Blue Male Peacock [Pavo cristatus] in the Middle of Dance Soooo beautiful!

Mosaic Plume - Tiffany Peacock - White - 24" x 44" PANEL

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The peacock is the Kanye West of birds. After all, they do have over 200 colorful elongated feathers that attract not just their potential partners, but many people's attention and cameras, too.

19 Peacocks That Not Only Fan Their Tails But Flap Their Wings As Well

Peacock. When I was a kid, there were wild peacocks near the local library. One day Dad & I came out and one was on top of our car! (We went back to the library for a while so he could go away.)

They say a peacock feather is like a fingerprint, no two are the same. Nature's beauty continues to amaze me!

~ White Peacock in the Garden ~

Albino peacocks are simply stunning (photos)

Amazing White Peacock whose tail looks like the train on a brides wedding dress. I particularly loved it because my sister and I used white peacocks in our Silver Sisters Mystery, "Vanishing Act in Vegas.

Albino peacock. the most beautiful animal on the planet <3

Even though it is diseased with Albinism, It is beautiful! Just like the way God sees us Although we are diseased with Sin, God can clean our slate and give us beauty from ashes.

Amazing feathers of the peacock - absolutely gorgeous. Peacock SpiritHood?!   www.spirithoods.com!

Top 24 Unique Colorful Creatures Around The World

Amazing feathers of the peacock. i think i love peacocks so much because they are all my favorite colors wrapped up into one thing!

Peacock Crochet Blanket Pattern Is A Favourite | The WHOot

Peacock Crochet Blanket Pattern Free Video Tutorial

This gorgeous Peacock Crochet Blanket Pattern is a stunner and we have all the best ideas in our post. Watch the video and check all the ideas now.