Tattoo   Note to self:  This could be and idea to replace the one you broke. Not a bad size if you add the bust.

"Tattoo" paper mache on canvas based on casting of the face by Martina Reis

how to make a really good papier mache may have this recipe already, but just in case

Miranda Rook offers an excellent tutorial about making papier mache pulp of magazine paper and egg cartons. Check out her galleries for lots of ideas for papier mache projects with students!

Unique papier mâché dolls, handmade by Karina Sellanes (Venezuela) [$40.00] Height 8 in, Weight 10 oz

Papier Mâché Dolls by Karina Sellanes (Venezuela) These unique papier mâché dolls, handmade by Karina Sellanes (Venezuela), are modeled after diverse Latin American women who share in common their flirtatious, maternal, and coquette postures.

We hebben hiervoor gekozen omdat het een leuk idee is om te maken. het ziet er leuk uit en je kunt er zelf iets in zetten.

Recycled Artwork Wall Hanging