Tub on the porch. With that view...I'm in!!

Tub on the porch. With that view. Or just a big ol' round pot or…

One of my favorite Photos. Almost bought it in Denver last summer.... should have bought it. (HJH Foto)

Outdoor tub, enriched with floral fragrance from nature! looks like lilacs (HJH Foto)

morning vibes via @trendybyflora  www.ishine365.com #ishine365

love the lush bamboo and surroundings for the tub in outdoor space. I could deal with this for the outdoor tub we have.

Taking a bath outside sounds dreamy, but it isn’t exactly easy. For one, it’s not like you can just plop your tub outside in your backyard. Which may be why hotels and lodges that give you the option for a little al fresco soaking right in your room are becoming more and more common.

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Outdoor Bath, mmmmm nice idea but don't think it'll ever be that warm in England!

Farmhouse Style Bathroom Ideas

The weeping willow tree in the corner of the yard became the ideal spot for an outdoor bathing area. A friend found an old claw-foot tub for.

Outdoor bathroom                                                       …

34 stunning outdoor bathrooms

33 stunning outdoor bathrooms~Spy the claw-foot tub outside the Ian Fleming Villa at Jamaica's GoldenEye retreat