I have the urge to buy an old abandoned mansion and slowly fix it, one room at a time.

I have this thing for abandoned buildings, castles, houses etc. I feel like there's so much story in every corner Awesome!

Castle #Herrenchiemsee, in #Chiemsee lake, #Bavaria, Germany Http://www.facebook.com/DiMartinoChiropracticCenter

459 West 18th by Bernheimer Architecture

The Modern Princess ♕ :: Schloss Linderhof Castle - Ettal, Germany - I've been here - it's beautiful! One from the archives -- Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany. The Disney castle is modeled after this building. Nice old looking castle

I like the house but not the brick. I would go with mor of a stone

Whiterock Manor - Built in this manor serves as the winter retreat to the royal family. It is located in the mountainous county of Whiterock.

Old mansion

paranormal So many glorious old homes lost to time. When i get my way,il have my old home and il give it some help and some love

Beautiful stained glass interior of this Gilded Age, NY mansion ~ Located at: 108 Eighth Ave, Brooklyn, NY ~ Built in circa:1899

Ornate Century-Old Townhouse Wants To Be a Mansion Again

Beautiful stained glass interior of this Gilded Age, NY mansion ~ Located at: 108 Eighth Ave, Brooklyn, NY ~ Built in ~~ (NY curbed, image) ~~ {cwl}

Old Mansion Gate

I LOVE this gate.looks cool and slightly haunted at the same time. It's the entrance to a cemetery. if I could find this house I would buy it.

Steampunk Tendencies | The Study Set from the Haunted Mansion. http://www.steampunktendencies.com/post/82391684074 https://www.steampunkartifacts.com

Edit: This is not SK Haunted Victorian Mansion in Gardner, Massachusetts, as mentioned before. It is a movie set from ‘The Haunted Mansion’

This large 640 square meter house is located in Novokuznetsk, Russia. It’s designed by Tatiana Rozhkova as a Russian fairy tale that meet all modern requirements for comfortable living. The house is made with Siberian firm and quality of pine logs of 260 mm. The living room is flooded with sunlight thanks to the thoughtful architecture of the home. The fireplace is the main focal point of this room. It’s seven meters in height and tiles with porcelain tiles. Each of its four sides has its…

Storybook Bedroom Fact: The rest of this Siberian-style house in Novokuznetsk, Russia, looks equally as magical as this storybook bedroom. Fairytale Homes - Small Homes - Country Living