This graphic goes over the Cornell style of note-taking, which is the most proven way to help students remember. Taking notes can be a study strategy in itself!

How Note-Taking Helps You Learn and Organize

Info-graphic on Why hand writing your notes helps you to remember. Great tips on note taking as well.

5 Ingenious Note Taking Strategies to Dominate Midterms | Chegg Blog

Cornell Note-Taking Method -- Notes on right, cues on left, summary on bottom. Love the cues on the side with possible test questions

“Note-taking tips -Three Note-taking methods:Always write the date of your class at the top of the page and number the pages on the bottom. This will help you when reviewing as...

“Note-taking tips -Three Note-taking methods:Always write the date of your…

Collaborative Note-Taking With Google Docs: The beauty of Google Apps truly lies in the collaborative features. One of my favorite strategies is collaborative note-taking. When students are able to take notes together, it allows them to learn from each other AND gives the teacher a way to check for understanding.

Collaborative Note-Taking with Google Docs

Collaborative note taking allows students to work together and help each other to understand concepts. It also allows a teacher to see if what is being taught is also being comprehended.

*Use symbols and abbreviations. Writing at the same speed as your teacher is talking in is not an easy task. With the help of symbols and abbreviations, you can speed up the task. Here's an example of some:

Brainstorming Techniques

Note taking symbols! I used MANY abbreviations in highschool and college when taking handwritten notes.

A more detailed explanation of the Cornell Method can be found here

Writing is easier when you have great class notes and reading notes. The Cornell notes method is an easy and effective note taking system that has been used by successful students since the

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Flagging strategies for reading comprehension. They put the flags directly into the book while reading. I'd also keep a notebook (like the picture suggests) so I could note key words to help me remember why I put the flag where I did.

How to Study and Take Notes from a Textbook studying tips, study tips #study #college

How to Study and Take Notes from a Textbook

How to Study and Take Notes from a Textbook - Help your children to most effectively and efficiently consume, understand, and remember the information they need from their textbooks? These seven tips to help students tackle their textbooks. Created in par

Taking notes in school can be a big challenge for students with learning and attention issues. These note-taking apps can help.

10 Apps to Help Kids With Note-Taking

Notes are not the most fun task to complete in a class, but often they are an important piece to learning content. Here are 10 ways to make note taking more fun and accessible to students at varying academic levels.

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Skills and Strategies