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I am Nick Wilde I live in Zootopia and best "Cop" friends with Judy hops, I might be a little sarcastic ;

Zootopia. This was such an awesome movie!!!! Talk about a kids movie with an adult plot line!

Well, a fox has been racially abused in the world. Animals dont live with their animal instinct. They have matured. The Society suffers with the present issues though.

A Zootopia fanblog! Follow for fur-tastic pictures, gifs, and more.

The name's Nick Wilde. I work alongside my partner Judy Hopps in Zootopia. __________________________________ This is a fan account involving the Disney movie Zootopia.

ZOOTOPIA MADE ME CRUSH ON ANIMALS WHAT HAVE YOU DONE DISNEY?! "That one tiger from <i>Zootopia</i> who would treat me right."

Puberty at its finest:

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