Music is very important for children with autism. Its a great way they can express themselves.

Free Music Notes Clipart of Music notes musical notes clip art free music note clipart image for your personal projects, presentations or web designs.

music in my classroom - teach my kiddos music notes and their values

Music notes and their values. This inspires me to learn more about music. While the concept in the image is simple to understand it inspires me to further my musical competence and mastery.

Music Notes Definitions Symbols - Yahoo Image Search Results

These Music Symbols & Terms are a list of concepts that a student would see in their music. It is important for students to not only learn how to read music, but understand the musical symbols and terms. This list consists of tempo markings, dynamic marki

music note tree @Jennifer Galliers.....this looks very similar to a program we designed in HS for a concert.....who knew we were so artistic then!

music note tree Jenn L Galliers.this looks very similar to a program we designed in HS for a concert.who knew we were so artistic then!

Music should also be a healthy part of your life! Find music that you enjoy and dance, sing & feel happy about yourself!

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