DIY music game "Busted" Students take turn pulling sticks out and clapping the rhythm. Whenever a busted stick is drawn that player has to replace all of their sticks.

An awesomely fun DIY music game! Could also use questions, directions, etc. instead of rhythms. Definitely could adapt to use song genres, reminiscing, etc.

Rock, Paper, Scissors, SING is a fun, PowerPoint music game for reinforcing so-mi melodic patterns! This is a great activity for music students to practice sight-singing on the staff because it's a fun twist on a game that most kids already love to play!

I will change this to a money version: each rhythm is worth so much, and the "Bang!" card will say "Broke! Here is a musical version of the game BANG! It's a fun, versatile game to use with groups of students.

Elementary Music Methods: Real Life Edition: General Music Minute to Win It Games (Easy Minutes To Win It Games)

A list of five circle games that are great for elementary music. There are so many concepts you can teach with these games, and the kids will love it!