How to make modeling chocolate so you can decorate cakes, cookies, cupcakes and more.

How to make modeling chocolate so you can decorate cakes, cookies, cupcakes and…-really good resource for types of chocolates and what each kind does, troubleshooting and thorough recipes.

Recipes for white, milk, and dark modelling chocolate that use REAL chocolate instead of candy melts.

Modeling Chocolate Recipe

Make a rose with modelling chocolate tutorial - Cake It To The Max

How to make a rose with modelling chocolate tutorial is the simplest way to make chocolate roses for cakes and cupcakes. Make great tasting roses easily.

How to cover a cake with modeling chocolate: so much better tasting, and you can still get that smooth, flawless appearance fondant gives you. From

Covering a Cake in Modeling Chocolate

There's a great-tasting alternative to fondant: modeling chocolate. It works very differently, and yet it can look the same. Learn to work it!

They're big contenders in the world of cake decorating. But what exactly are each of these 3 confectionery concoctions? Here's a primer from Craftsy. - via @Craftsy

Modeling Chocolate vs. Fondant vs. Gum Paste: What's the Difference

How to fix dry modeling chocolate. Step-by-step instructions.

Learn how to fix dry modeling chocolate in this step-by-step tutorial. Modeling chocolate is a simple recipe but you can have trouble if.

How to Make Modeling Chocolate--all different kinds and how to color it!  Wicked Goodies is boss!

Modeling Chocolate Recipe

Do It Yourself Modeling Chocolate and Candy Clay :

Modeling Chocolate and Candy Clay

Recipes for white, dark, and milk chocolate modeling clay.

Hungry Happenings: Chocolate Making Tips This is a recipe for modeling chocolate that you can use for ears, beaks and other tings when making marshmallow characters or cake balls. Much like fondant.

Modeling Chocolate Kanzashi Flowers - a folded technique for cake decorating by Wicked Goodies

Kanzashi Flowers in Modeling Chocolate

Modeling chocolate (or candy clay) is an easy and fun medium to use when decorating cakes. You can use it in candy molds, use it like regul...

Cake Concepts by Cathy: Modeling Chocolate Recipe for 12 oz bag Wilton melts. Every other recipe calls for chocolate and.