What it's like to explain someone what is Metal (movie: Deathgasm)

What it's like to explain someone what is Metal (movie: Deathgasm)

I've been a metalhead since the 80's.  It's one of my favorite types of music.  The electric guitar and heavy drum beats just speak to my soul.

I pretend to not need hugs, i can deal with all the shit i have in my life easily, i just cry sometimes. NO i need hugs especially from my ex bf i just want my ex

22 Things That Are F**king Metal: This recycling bin.

22 Things That Are F**king Metal

Forever Metal!!!

Hi i'd like a cup of mosh with 2 shots of breakdown.<<<<and i'd like a sing along scone with that


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Haha, this is going on my requirement list. My exes never listened to metal and it was more of a problem than I thought it would be.

Haha ^^ started a relationship with a guy last year i remember i was telling my best friend "i don't know, he doesn't listen to Metal. So it's impossible to have sex listening to Metal and i can't imagine it" now im with this friend and he loves Metal ;

I am either Viking Metal or Glam Metal. There is no in between.

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