Thinking of Getting Into Medium Format Cameras? Here's The Lowdown

Thinking of Getting Into Medium Format Cameras? Here's The Lowdown

Mamiya 645 medium format with & lenses - drolling just thinking about pairing this with a roll of 120 Ilford 400 delta film

Mamiya 6  -- I have to get my hands on one of these. I love the challenge of film.

The Mamiya 6 system, introduced in May is a 6 x square) rangefinder camera taking 120 and 220 film with three interchangeable lenses of and

Shooting Film: Contax 645 Medium Format Film Camera Review vs Canon 5D Mark II Digital

This is the Contax which is a medium-format film (as opposed to digital) camera.

Rolleiflex TLR Planar f/2.8 80mm Zeiss Medium Format Camera by Rob McKay Photography, via Flickr

A new addition, (thanks Bonnie for setting this up) a Rolleiflex TLR Planar Medium Format Camera! Just waiting on a test roll I put through it to be developed :) Taken with the Nikon @

Rolleiflex Unveils New FX-N TLR Film, Hy6 Mod2 Medium Format Cameras | Popular Photography

Rolleiflex FX-N, an update of the Rolleiflex FX. Apart from the same specs that its predecessor has, this model features a new Heidosmat viewfinder lens and a Rollei S-Apogon main lens with a minimum focusing distance of


‪#‎FindTheGirlsOnTheNegatives‬ (The Jealous Curator)

“I found 4 sets of medium format negatives while I was thrift shop hunting a few weeks ago. They were sitting in a box of old vintage photographs in these plastic sleeves, and from what I could tell,.

A photograph of a Lubitel medium format camera from the 60s, with a beautiful quote from photographer Leon Levinstein in simple typography. Please

Vintage Camera Photograph Inspirational Photography Quote Leon Levinstein For Artists For Photographers Medium Format Camera

FujiFilm GF670 medium format Rangefinder folding film camera.

Fujifilm III Manual: Fuji Rangefinder Professional Photographers medium format film camera, alias: Texas Leica, The Brick.