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Not a huge fan of the necklace, and I probably wouldn't wear the hat with this outfit, but I looooove the pants!

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Germany, Austria and now Sweden too! Have you seen the film yet? Hope you like it! Let me know what you think in the comments ❤

Martina Stoessel (Violetta)

Martina Stoessel photoshop amei as pontas desse cabelo.

Martina Stoessel

you can send me THERE where you can leave your wishes what you want GIFS (number series and season) Send me two characters/houses/places/anything and I’ll tell you through a gifset which one I prefer!

Elle: je vais aller a la plage avc Ross.                                                                 Moi:...                                                              elle: tes jalouse  ??                                    Moi: moi jalouse.. cour avant ke je t'explose

Oh qui est de retour c'est notre idole Martina Stoessel!Trop cool non?