Got this one in upcoming Canal Island Project track "The Beacon" but love to feature it more! The Musician

Dove sound hole Mandolin by celentanowoodworks / music

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"For years he had commanded men and knew the trick of controlling and throwing out tone. He knew others too. His fingers flowed over the shining wood, plucking, snapping; dipping the phrases into acid and wiping them pure again." __D.

a 14 course Van Edwards lute

This lute represents when the suitors attempted to woo Baptista by offering tutors. Katherine was not impressed, shown by her smashing the lute on one of the tutor's heads.

Anyone know lute measurements? - The Trek BBS

Recently, I've been feeling inspired to create a renaissance-style lute. I'm a far cry from a luthier, but I'm pretty sure that if I try hard enough I.

Japanese Lute(biwa)    Kuro urushi unryu raden biwa  黒漆雲龍螺鈿琵琶    16-17th century

used in Gagaku (it. "elegant music"), used at Imperial Court, Kyoto. Also a solo instrument, as seen in the pictures illustrating the Tale of Genji.