Always Be Yourself, Unless You Can Be A Llamacorn

‘Always Be Yourself, Unless You Can Be A Llamacorn’ iPhone Case/Skin by jezkemp

Wedding Llamas

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5 Baby animals too cute to be real! | LoveKnitting Blog

5 Baby animals too cute to be real

Special Llama...or alpaca, or whatever.

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This Llama Luv Foot Flair

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Baby Llama Floral- Giclée Print by Eli Halpin

Baby Llama Floral - Giclée Print

The llama is a South American relative of the camel. Typically, they are saddled with loads of 50 to 75 pounds. Under such weight they can cover up to 20 miles in a single day!

I love llamas! < THESE ARE FUCKING ALPACAS NOT LLAMAS << they're right. llamas are tall, don't have fluffy necks, and are considerably more agressive, while alpacas tend to be more passive and don't spit.