Normal people thoughts... (Moms of toddler boys- get in here) - Page 4

At Sure brain, it's cool. Anyways- help me BHB. I have a 14 month old with A LOT of hair. Thick, dark, kind of wavy hair. We are already on his haircut, and he has an appt this weekend.

Look how handsome Ben looks this morning! So glad this boy let me finally do a whole hair cut on him! I gave him a fade & a little hard part and it is too cute on him!

Cute Little Boys Hairstyles : Take a peek at these 13 cute boys hairstyles that your little dude can totally rock! These hair cuts are.

101 Trendy and Cute Toddler Boy Haircuts

I love love love this little boy's hair cut. I just might have to do this with Kadens hair like this for the beginning of the school year!