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Consider the lilies.Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of favorite flower♥

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Sumatra Lilies - Year Round (Classified as a red lily, but it is really more of a wine color in person).

~~A Glossary of Colored Calla Lilies - Mini Calla Lily Colors | CalCallas~~

A Glossary of Colored Calla Lilies – Mini Calla Lily Colors

Large-Flowered Lily 'Navona'  Lily 'Navona' is a fabulous plant for the garden and for cutting. They are very effective planted between perennials, trees and bushes. After flowering, they can be left in the ground to flower again the next year. Also suitable for pots and planters.

Large-Flowered Lily 'Navona' Lily These are my favorite lillies other than calla lillies and tiger lillies!

"Muscadet" Asiatic Lily  a consistent, prolific, reliable bloomer in my garden. Heavenly fragrance!

"Muscadet" Asiatic Lily a consistent, prolific, reliable bloomer in my garden. I love the way they smell. Last year it grew to tall!

Tiger Babies Hybrid Lily

Buy tiger babies hybrid lily, blooming including: Lily Hybrid Babies Tiger on sale now.

Asian tree lilies are a crossbreed cross in between Asiatic as well as Oriental lilies. These sturdy perennials share the most effective attributes of both varieties– big, beautiful flowers, lively shade and abundant, sweet scent. Maintain checking out to find out more tree lily info.

Oriental Tree Lily Care: Tips For Growing and Caring Tree Lilies In The Garden

Lily Star Gazer (Oriental) One of my favorite flowers! The scent is amazing and strong. Great tip for cut bouquets: When blossoms start to open cut off the stamen. No messy pollen to drop on the furniture anymore.

Viva new Burgundy and white asiatic lily | Lilium asiatic 'Tiny Hope'

Day 21 of the Parade of Perennials at Norway Gardens offers Lily 'Tiny Padhye.' This is one of the Lily Looks Series of Pot Lilies. Its coloring of white with burgundy brushmarks is spectacular.

Lily Love : How to Grow Lilies • Great tips and info on how to grow lilies!

Lily Love : How to Grow Lilies

Leave the lily foliage until it turns brown in the fall. This is important so that the plant stores energy for next year's flowering. Click through to read other growing tips by The Garden Glove.

Resurrection Lily, or as my grandmother said, "Naked ladies." They're fun - leaves, then nothing at all; then when you've forgotten all about them - surprise! - long stems & flowers in late July/Aug.

Lycoris squamigera, otherwise known as Naked Ladies, or Surprise lillies

Whether you're looking to plant flowers with bright hues in your landscaping, garden, or patio containers, we'll help you find the perfect statement blooms for summer, including dahlias, lilies, begonias, and more.

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