18 Reading Genres Posters for Reading area, bulletin board, or Classroom Library Folktales, Fairy Tales, Mythology, Tall Tales, Fables, Legends, Nonfiction, Historical Fiction, Biography, Autobiography, Fantasy, Realistic Fiction, Science Fiction, Comedy, Horror, Drama, Poetry, Mystery                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Reading Genres Posters

Library Rules Sign

6 Best Images of Library Rules Printable - Classroom Library Rules Elementary, Library Rules Worksheet and Printable Classroom Rules Elementary School

Free printable Book Return Poster!

Another Book Return Poster

After my awesomely nerdy book return memes garnered some success (and how could Gandalf, Yoda, and Batman not be a success?), I made anothe.

Yes they do. And so do librarians! #tlchat #aslachat

Howard Miller’s World War II famous “We Can Do It” propaganda poster (commonly known as the “Rosie the Riveter” poster) is an example of a design whose meaning has become misconstrued over time, as reported by FIDM Graphic Design Student, Sara Berkes.