10 Easy Leprechaun Traps To Make With Kids

Catch a leprechaun this St. Patrick's Day with one of these homemade leprechaun traps!

Build a Leprechaun Trap..I ALWAYS made leprechaun traps when I was little, coming from an Irish family. Its one of my favorite holidays because of it! Definitely sharing the fun.

Have the kids build leprechaun traps give parents chocolate coins and have them drop them in the trap they think is the most cleaver

10  Cool DIY Leprechaun Trap Ideas, http://hative.com/cool-diy-leprechaun-trap-ideas/,

10+ Cool DIY Leprechaun Trap Ideas

Many kids love to build leprechaun trap crafts around St. It is believed that when you trap a leprechaun, he will have to tell you where his gold stash is hidden in return for his freedom.

Leprechaun trap

Holidays at my house will not be extra special—I don’t need any more mom performance anxiety by making a leprechaun trap.

How to Build a Leprechaun Trap | The Suburban Soapbox

How to Build a Leprechaun Trap

Step by step instructions on how to build a Leprechaun Trap. The perfect activity for St. So easy and super cute hat trap!

Fun Leprechaun Trap Idea for kids.

Awesome Leprechaun Trap Ideas for Kids

Awewsome Leprechaun trap ideas for kids. These come in a begginer, intermediate and expert level. Great stem practice, and a fun project for kids.

This fun, free, printable Leprechaun letter will help ease your child's disappointment when they don't catch a Leprechaun.

A fun, FREE, printable Leprechaun letter to leave in your trap so that your children are not disappointed when they don& catch a Leprechaun.

85  Leprechaun Traps, Tricks and Treats

85+ Leprechaun Traps, Trick and Treats

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Leprechaun Trap Inspirations