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use curved landscape border, fill in with dwarf shrubs, ground cover, steeping stones and mulch/rock. Only rocks for the stepping stones, bricks instead of steeping stones and a potted plant where the maple tree is.

Plants mosquitoes hate! We plant lemon grass in large pots around the patio.

Supposedly these plants are mosquitoes' worst enemies! Plant these in your garden or put them in pots on your patio and remain mosquito-free all summer! by bettye

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Our DIY Square Patio Design with Fire Pit creates a fabulous outdoor dining experience in front of a warm and elegant fire pit. How-to's and material lists.

How to turn your backyard into a fun outdoor living area

How to turn your backyard into a fun outdoor living area

Inspiring Landscaping Ideas - Beneath My Heart  Love the shape of this sidewalk! Maybe for our new front walk.

Low Maintenance Front Yard Landscaping Front Yard Front Yard Makeover Transformation South Surrey BC by TiffaniW by shauna

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Des idées de décoration murale extérieure

How to Mulch Flower Beds - Diagram

How to Mulch Your Flower Beds

The Importance of Mulch in the Winter. Like presents from Santa Claus, mulch seems to be that mysterious gift of woodchips most people assume little Tree Elves leave in a nice layer around the base of some lucky trees.