Hey, I found this really awesome Etsy listing at https://www.etsy.com/listing/197515219/tubero-statement-earrings-lace-earrings

Statement Earrings Lace Earrings Black Earrings Daughter Gift For Her Sister Gifts Boho Earrings Long Earrings Fashion Earrings Gift/ TUBERO

Galeo // Lace Earrings/ Dangle Earrings/ Statement by EPUU on Etsy

Galeo // Lace Earrings/ Dangle Earrings/ Statement Earrings/ Leaf Earrings/ Long Earrings/ Statement Accessory/ Statement Jewelry/ For Her

Qu'elles sont jolies ces boucles d'oreilles réalisées en dentelle ! #DIY #Dentelle

Easy to Make DIY Lace Earrings

These elegant and delicate earrings are so easy to make with some pretty lace, decoupage, paint and earring hooks. See the steps on how to make them.

diy-lace-earrings-inspiration - get appliques and all your jewelry supplies at  www.bergerbeads.net


Lace earing would be pretty. I'd have to sell them to others to appreciate because I don't wear earrings too often but def something to bring new value to the tablecloth!

VICTORIAN LACE romantic vintage fantasy by TheVictorianGarden, $22.00. Oh my gosh these are perfect!

VICTORIAN LACE romantic vintage fantasy inspired antique lace and pearl earrings, free gift box

Lace earring tutorial

Laced Earrings-easy to make. Just cut lace, cover with mod podge, let dry. Add jump rings, chain and hooks.