Stating The Obvious: All The Guys In Pretty Little Liars Are HOTTIES-Keegan Allen aka Toby Cavanaugh

Stating The Obvious, Keegan Allen aka Toby Cavanaugh from Pretty Little Liars is a hottie

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Keegan Allen

Keegan Allen ( #PLL's Toby) |via fb

"Keegan Allen makes photography more attractive than it has ever been". -Laney He is by far the hottest actor

Keegan Allen ( #PLL's Toby) #cute |via fb

Keegan Allen ( Toby) He's with a freaking puppy, heart skipped a beat

keegan allen... conflicted relationship: hate you because you're on team A, or love you because you're you...

Day 7 _ fave pll boy _ keegan allen who plays toby in pretty little liars!