Kang Min Hyuk ♡ #HEIRS

Adorable Kang Min Hyuk Smile Bombs Heirs in his First Official Stills - A Koala's Playground

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5 times Kang Min Hyuk showed off his signature K-drama style

Kang Min Hyuk: Still the Most Adorable and Sane Male Character in Heirs - A Koala's Playground

Jorrit- When he had that look on his face, it was like the walls fell and the only thing left were  the wires. A map of multicolored roads criss-crossing, almost impossible to navigate by anyone else

CNBLUE's Kang Min Hyuk sings "Star" for 'Heartstrings' OST

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KST: CNBLUE shares the album highlight medley. KST: CNBLUE has now shared the

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