Clematis 'Omoshiro' - Large flowered Japanese variety that has delicate colouring. Height 6-8'. Zones 4-9

Elegant large-flowered Japanese variety has tepals of light pink suffused with delicate color originating from deep reddish pink edges and reverses. Anthers are reddish purple on white filaments. The cultivar name means "amusing, inte

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printed illustration of a chrysanthemum variety 'Seirioden' taken from the Japanese publication A Hundred Chrysanthemums by K Hasegawa.   Creator  Hasegawa, Keikwa (Author) Date  1891

Kiyoshi Hasegawa: 'Chrysanthemum Seirioden' - from the Japanese publication 'A Hundred Chrysanthemums' by Keikwa Hasegawa, 1891

Thin-petaled chrysanthemum, by Kan’en Iwasaki, also called “Honzo Zufu.”

Spider Chrysanth by Kanen Iwasaki -- © Honzo Zufu [Illustrated manual of medicinal plants] by Kan'en Iwasaki Wood block print and manuscript on paper. Japan, 1828 © The Trustees of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew

exPress-o: Japanese Flower Garden

exPress-o: Japanese Flower Garden

Wisteria Tunnel, Kawachi Fuji Garden, Kitakyushu, Japan So Beautiful & Purple is my favorite color!

Japanese Chrysanthem. Credit: Victoria Minsk, Flickr

Japanese Chrysanthemum: This is either a spoon or a spider mum. If I plant in the spring, it should come back every year.

✿ ❤ Ikebana |  Japanese art of flower arrangement. project t's packaging is inspired by Japanese art.

Cherry Blossom Week: Ikebana Origami