Viven Leigh & Tony Curtis' daughter, the lovely.......Jamie Lee Curtis everyone!!!

The 17 Hottest Silver Foxes

Q: How Do I Transition To Salt and Pepper Hair? "I used to have medium brown hair and now it's grey and silver with brown streaks.

Jamie Lee Curtis - like her in "True Lies", "Fierce Creatures", "Blue Steel", "Trading Places".

'Why are we obsessed with ANTI-aging?' Jamie Lee Curtis on her disgust at America's fight against time

Jamie Lee Curtis - she is so beautiful and I love the pixie cut. This is what my hair looks like most of the time.

Jamie Lee Curtis Doing Fine After Car Accident

Jamie Lee Curtis in Still married to her Husband Christopher Guest? Does Jamie Lee Curtis have tattoos?

Eddie Murphy, Jamie Lee Curtis & Dan Ackroyd - "Trading Places" (1983)

"Trading Places" - Eddie Murphy - Jamie Lee Curtis - Dan Ackrowd - Directed by John Landis - Publicity Still - Paramount.

Jamie Lee Curtis

Jamie Lee Curtis: Probably never imagined doing commercials for Activia then.

Jamie Lee Curtis (born November 22, 1958) American actress and author from Santa Monica, California.

Jamie Lee Curtis (born November American actress and author from Santa Monica, California.