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2-Piece Set: Apple® iPad® 1 iOS 5 1GHz 32GB 9.7' Tablet & Case - Refurbished at 69% Savings off Retail!

Set: Apple® iPad® 1 iOS 5 Tablet & Case - Refurbished at Savings off Retail!

10 amazing iPad App Video Demonstrations - Very inspiring.

10 Amazing iPad App Video Demonstrations

Apple's iPad hits stores this Saturday.

Las apps educativas más atractivas para el verano. Apps quaderns Rubio

Las apps educativas más atractivas para el verano

Els quadernets Rubio entren a les competències digitals

Amazon Fire HD KNDFRHD16W7IN Tablet PC - 1.5 GHz Quad-Core Processor - 1 GB RAM - 16 GB Storage Capacity - 7.0-inch Display - Fire - Black

Powerful, full-featured Fire HD tablet—with beautiful HD display, faster quad-core processer, unsurpassed reliability in its class, and dual speakers with Dolby Digital Audio.

El baúl de A.L: Secuencias temporales

El baúl de A.L: Secuencias temporales

Aplicaciones educativas

Aplicaciones educativas

iProp-iPad-Stand1-300x208.jpg (300×208)

If you'd prefer working in your bed with an iPad, the iProp is the kind of iPad stand that you need. The iProp comes in the form of a flexible stand.

Per crear poesia visual

iPad integration for National Poetry month with these 10 apps for creating poetry on iPad. Learn how to create and share digital poems on the iPad.

Per aprendre les provincies

Per aprendre les provincies

Multiplicar i dividir

Space Mathematics: Multiplication and Division on the App Store