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These Trucks Are Just What You Need to Get Out Quick (22 Photos)

How great it will be if apply hardness and high gloss nano super hydrophobic coating on cars.it's badass!

Custom plate steel body panels and bumper. Self healing tire sidewalls. Off road perfection. Perfect for the zombie apocalypse ;

1996 Hummer H1

1996 Hummer H1 | eBay

Hummer coated with Inyati Bedliner material. Thats one durable go anywhere hummer.

hummer If this is what they look like inside, then no thank you. I want room for my honey to sit next to me, not a bunch of knobs, buttons and levers.

The most badass vehicle on this planet. The Hummer is not a car, truck, SUV, or van, It's a completely unique .

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Hummer H1 Alpha... Ive wanted one for a long time!

all terrain vehicle! The 2000 Hummer slant back, one of thirty- nine made!