Floral horseshoe tattoo by Carin Silver

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Adorable horseshoe tattoo #cowgirl #countrygirl #tattoo #tattoos #cowgirltattoo #cowgirltattoos #countrygirltattoo #countrygirltattoos https://www.islandcowgirl.com

Still proud of this one Didn't take me long at all!

Still proud of this one Didn't take me long at all! A better picture of my horseshoe tattoo design


A horseshoe tattoo is a very popular choice when it comes to lucky tattoo symbols. Horseshoes were invented to protect the hooves of horses from wear and tear.

Simple elegant horseshoe tattoo

Horseshoe is an international sign of a good luck, that’s why this print is so popular among tattoo lovers worldwide. Horseshoe tattoo is a lovely decoration of your skin.

Tiny Horseshoe Tattooes  ::  Done At Sink The Ink Tattoo And Piercing In Doylestown, Pa

Simple and small, my first tattoo done back in Horses have brought me through some of the more difficult times in my life, and its still one of my favorite tattoos to date. Done at Sink the Ink Tattoo and Piercing in Doylestown, PA

Simple Horseshoe Tattoo Designs

I want something like this but smaller, with a deep green heart next to it for Esmerelda