Heath Ledger as The Joker in "The Dark Knight" - 2008 One of the most iconic movie villain of our time- true meanin of insanity

Request #1 Heath Ledger Joker

We need more actors like Heath Ledger.

We need more actors like Heath Ledger. Also looking forward to Jared Leto's Joker! Heath Ledger's Joker also taught us there is more to the character then what we saw in the Batman movie. Miss you Heath

The joker: el diario de Heath Ledger

The Dark Knight (2008)

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'Why So Serious?' The Dark Knight Film print

An homage here to the amazing Oscar-winning performance by the late Heath Ledger as the Joker in Christopher Nolan's 2008 The Dark Knight. From Batman's first appearance in DC Comics issue #27 in 1939