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How to Make a Bench From an Old Headboard/footboard

How to Make a Bench From an Old Headboard/footboard

Headboard Benches: 4 Tips and Tricks by On the Banks of Squaw Creek

Headboard Benches: 4 Tips and Tricks

Thinking about doing something like this to match the platform bed I'm eventually going to have, lol! Instead of a hope chest at the foot, have this! Or, even better, use a hope chest, attach the headboard to make a chest-bench!

Top 10 DIY Ideas for Headboard Bench

Make the extra bench for our table like this! Benches from cribs, dressers, chairs, headboards, and tables. I happen to have a twin headboard/footboard I could do this!

Old Headboard Repurposed Into A Bench.                                                                                                                                                                                 More

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DIY Twin Headboard Bench Tutorial

DIY Twin Headboard Bench Tutorial

DIY twin headboard bench tutorial to build a bench with a shelf for baskets or storage includes good DIY building tips to make the project easy.

Kingsize Headboard Bench

Kingsize Headboard Bench

DIY New Bench Using Old Headboards

Add a cushion to the seat with water resistant fabric, and it's a great outdoor bench. DIY New Bench Using Old Headboards

Love this transformation! Turn an old headboard into an upcycled bench! Follow this tutorial for the full how-to with pictures! http://www.ehow.com/how_12071549_diy-make-bench-out-bed-headboard-footboard.html?utm_source=pinterest.com&utm_medium=referral&utm_content=freestyle&utm_campaign=fanpage

Easy DIY on How to Make a Bench Out of a Bed Headboard

You may have seen it on TV—DIY experts take an old, beaten-up headboard and transform it into a super-cute bench. It looks like magic, but it is not. If you have a wooden bed frame, a small circular saw, and some other basic tools, you can make a versatile headboard bench yourself. The headboard becomes the back of the bench, the footboard becomes the arms, and a few 1x4s serve as the bench seat. Get the dish on how to do it on eBay, and start performing a little of your own upcycling magic.

How To: Headboard Bench

How to make a headboard bench. tips and tidbits and tool suggestions to have you completing your own in no time. Need to do this for the porch!