Pin for Later: Will Smith's Dopest Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Dance Moves The "I'm So Fancy, You Already Know" Staircase Swerve

The "I'm So Fancy, You Already Know" Staircase Swerve

Hey Look, Daddy’s Home! We had four children waiting for their daddy like this, beautiful times

Hey Look, Daddy’s Home!

HAPPY DANCE DAY EVERYBODY!!! To celebrate we have a FREE dance poster for you - download, print, enjoy! Get it here:

At the dance studio I go to they add Well Wishers(messages to the performers from family) to the end of their programs, and my parents used this quote!

Dancing!!! by Alyona Shilina, via 500px

Freud believed underlying emotions determine behavior. For example, this little girl is happy so she is dancing

I made it to Round 2 of the Disney Parks Moms Panel process! For more on my Moms Panel journey visit

Disney Parks Moms Panel Round 2 Announcement

Something about the desert heat always brings out the cha cha cha in me..........l ̲̅ə̲̅٨̲̅٥̲̅٦̲̅].

Model Line Gost plays Sophia Loren in this shoot for Guess by Marciano, S/S Photo: Bryan Adams.