If you’re looking for a storage solution that matches your passion for guns, while still keeps things on the hush hush, TacticalWalls has something for you.  The company specializes in shelves that double as storage solutions for rifles and handguns. When folded up, they’re hardwood shelves that are perfect for holding pictures or knickknacks, but when you drop them down by disengaging two hidden locks with the supplied magnetic keys, there’s ample room for your firearms, thanks to a ...

by TacticalWalls hardwood shelves with hidden drop-in down storage, two hidden locks which are disengaged with the supplied magnetic keys.

tactical gun  rack storage systems

Product code: This package uses 3 of our wall panels and holds 2 rifles horizontal, 6 rifles vertical, 3 handguns, misc magazine storage and an accessory self. Total wall space required to fit this rack is about high x

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Birchworks Custom Furniture - Pine Dresser with two hidden compartments. This is a great storage idea for the kids baseball bats and stuff. Wish I was a carpenter!

tactical covers hidden gun safe

Hidden Gun Storage Solutions That Are Cool and Practical

Hidden Storage Hall Tree

Household hidden weapon storage (32 Photos)

need this in my future house Bench Seat Gun Cabinet- i would stain it a darker color but love the idea!

"hidden gun case mirror". The company is called Tactical Walls, and they have a lot of different options for stuff like this. This particular set up is only $375!!

Great idea for hiding guns in the house if you don't have a gun safe. Or even other items you want to keep safe! It took me a little while to understand this. The shelf unit slides behind a mirror. I thought it was a passage to a hidden room.

diy gun cabinet, use glass for front instead of wood

Gun Cabinet

Here is a method of creating a cabinet. In particular a gun cabinet. This method can be used for other things, such as a bench, which is the time-lapse video. All wood was recycled, only screws and hinges were bought. Documentation gets a little sketchy t

Represent America with a nice gun cabinet and a work of art #Repost…

Guy mitchell is raising funds for Custom Firearm Concealment Furniture (Suspended) on Kickstarter! Im building custom firearm furniture and providing homeowners safety and security and quick access to your firearms.