Square Grid Designs | grids organize content the nine square grid divides the page into ...

Organizing Form and Content

The rest show why you have to break out of the (Indesign) grid before you die in you self created CSS prison

The Shapes of Sound - Zongkai Wang

The Shapes of Sound - Zongkai Wang

Foolproof composition techniques that will hold all your design elements in all the right places.

10 Rules of Composition All Designers Live By

the website use of grid layout to show the information and those images are arranged by different sizes of square. I like this design because it appeals to me to look at those pictures.

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Book Spread Grid Layout Design Graphic Typography Photography Diagonal For thinner, regular or larger magazine size

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Design attractive book layout

The illustration is beautiful looks like water drawing mix with the photograph. Editorial Design Inspiration Amazing way to place an image in a grid layout; clear layout easy to read.