Beauty Goddess Medusa Tattoo. As depicted in Greek mythology, Medusa was really a beautiful women, who was turned into an evil one on Athena’s jealous reaction.

60 Medusa Tattoo Designs

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Desenho                                                                                                                                                                                 Mais

Way too excited about this piece I get to do soon by jillian_wefald, This is amazing, maybe the axe replaced with a sword and a raven on the bottom left ^^

The Goddess Athena/Minerva.  She's the Greek/Roman Goddess of Wisdom (once War) and is usually depicted with a Shield, Spear and Helmet. The Owl is also linked to her.  #art #drawing #sketch

The Goddess Athena/Minerva. Would love a tattoo of the goddess Seshet in this style.