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Identify Long-Term Goals: I love the idea of the students setting year long goals for themselves at the beginning on the year, and then revisiting it throughout the year as well at the end to monitor progress

Task I think it is important to hsve classroom goals and individual goals fo my students. This is a great worksheet to develop a lesson on goals. setting - Worksheet - Short or Long Term Goals

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How to Set Goals... That You'll Actually Accomplish! (with FREE Printable Goal Worksheet

Freebie.....Superhero Goal Setting

Teach Your Child to Read - Freebie.Superhero Goal Setting - Give Your Child a Head Start, and.Pave the Way for a Bright, Successful Future.

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50+ FREE Printables That Will Improve Your Life

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Short Term Goal Setting Worksheet Printables to help you set, plan and track your short term goals. Use in conjunction with the Long Term Goal Setting Worksheet to help keep yourself on track for those goals that will take a while to reach.

Organize Your Goals by Writing Them Down {Goal Setting}

There is power in writing down your goals! Jot down your dreams on these free printable goal worksheets and create a plan to make your dreams come true.

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Setting goals gives your life direction, and boosts your motivation and self-confidence. Learn how to set SMART goals and achieve your dreams.