Sofa mirror one, black dress one, stump one and under the stump one.

Before Photoshop, there was pinup art.

The real life models who posed for some of the most iconic and beautiful mid-century pinup illustrations. Old school photoshop

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pin up girls vs real, vintage art/photography. kinda like photo shop

Coca-Cola, Play Refreshed - 1948 - Gil Elvgren

old-ads-and-mags: “ Play refreshed! - Coca-Cola ad by Gil Elvgren, 1948 ”

Back in the Saddle (Close Pals) - Gil Elvgren 1946.    / I absolutely love this picture, awesome EL.

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Artist Gil Elvgren

GIL ELVGREN (American, Riding High, 1958 Oil on canvas 30 x 24 in. Signed lower right This - Available at 2010 October New York Signature.

I have experience as a receptionist!

GIL ELVGREN (American, Red Head on the Phone Oil on board 18 x 30 in. Signed lower left From the - Available at 2012 March Illustration Art.