Hmm - giant Battleship would be much safer than giant Jenga... (Winnipeg Folk Fest, July 10 2013 | Leif Norman)

The First day of the Winnipeg Folk Fest I headed out about to catch the preparations! People are keen for the main event to start. The Winnipeg Folk Fest is the keystone weekend for many …

Giant Guess Who at The Winnipeg Folk Festival.

Giant Guess Who game. Insert pictures of family members or friends for a fun family reunion, graduation party, or even wedding game!

Giant foot yard game. This looks like it would be so fun! Great idea for family reunion or youth group. Note: be sure to instruct players to put feet inside rope handles.

[ "Giant foot yard game for BFG theme. Note: be sure to instruct players to put feet inside rope handles.", "DIY slideshow on building one

Giant Fun for Everyone! The Giant Game Co.

Giant Pick-up Sticks is an old time favorite game that can be played virtually anywhere. Bring these large pick up sticks to the next family picnic and see the generations getting together to play this simple, yet fun game of giant party sticks.

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DIY Lawn Dominoes

oh my goodness, I love this DIY lawn domino tutorial. You can make your own giant dominos to play on your lawn, or at the beach.