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Image: Franz Marc - Tower of blue horses (postcard to Else Lasker pupils)

Franz Marc - "Cats, Red and White", 1912 - Oil On Canvas (Private collection)

Cats by Franz Marc Poster

Blue Horse by Franz Marc (1880 - 1916) #Painting #German Expressionism #Franz_Marc

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Franz Marc ~ Tower of Blue Horses (lost), 1913

Tower of Blue Horses (lost) - Franz Marc, 1913 Art Experience NYC

Franz Marc - Little Yellow Horses. Who could tell that Marc thought yellow was a feminine colour...? ;-)

Franz Marc - Die kleinen gelben Pferde , The Small Yellow Horses

The Tiger by Franz Marc

Franz Marc - Tiger Franz Marc was a German painter, one of the key figures of the German Expressionist movement. He was a founding member of Der Blaue Reiter.

Franz Marc, 'Horse in a Landscape' (1910) || German Expressionist (prominent) (1880-1916)

A Trove of Art, Recovered Decades After Nazis Stole It, Is Going On Virtual Display

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The “Degenerate Art” of Franz Marc

Franz Marc, Piggies, 1913 Art is nothing but the expression of our dream;

Postcard to Kandinsky from Franz Marc below his Four Foxes painting done in 1913

The Mass Ornament (decadentiacoprofaga: Postcards by Franz Marc,.) Four Foxes, to Wassily Kandinsky in Munich, 4 February

Franz Marc (1880-1916), Although long dead,the Nazis labeled his work "degenerate" and destroyed many paintings.

Franz Marc Although long dead, the Nazis labeled his work "degenerate" and destroyed many paintings.