What is a Mandala? I have a handout like this, where is it? :-)

What is a Mandala? "A Mandala is a sacred space, often a circle that reveals inner truth about you.

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To reuse, to gracefully lay to rest. To tuck in and find your place in the darkness.

Meditation meets creative play // Fall foliage mandalas

Beatrice Alemagna Interview

Picking leaves and petals, displaying, then clearing away.

Medicine flower mandala ~ milky oats, elder, calendula, rue, California poppy, motherwort, echinacea, lavender and hibiscus, mullein and rose // photo: Juliet Blankespoor.

No matter where you live, there are medicinal plants all around you. We live in a sea of herbal medicine. Embark on your herbal voyage with us at the helm.

Ručne maľovaná zdobené kvetinovým v korune lístia a palice.  Izolované vektorové ilustrácie.  Pozvánka element.  Tetovanie, astrológia, alchýmie, Boho a magický symbol.  - Vybrať

Hand drawn ornate flower in the crown of leaves and sticks with the eye of providence inside. Tattoo, astrology, alchemy, boho and magic symbol - buy this stock vector on Shutterstock & find other images.

stylist Lo Bjurulf and photographer Petra Bindel for Elle Interior

stylist Lo Bjurulf and photographer Petra Bindel for Elle Interior, mandala

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